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Personal Informer is a program that will help you create your personalized start page at This online service from Informer Technologies was created with an idea of helping you build your own personalized home page for your web browser, a page that contains the information and news of your interest as well as access to your favorite sites on the web. You can use your Personal Informer page to save bookmarks and links to your favorite sites, read the headlines from your favorite news sources, and have all the information of your interest available as soon as you launch your web browser.

Creating your Personal Informer start page is as simple as signing up and configuring your page, which consists mostly of filling a form with your data and links to the sites you visit the most. But entering information manually can take up some time, and can be tedious too, so here is where the Personal Informer client comes into play. The PI client will take care of the whole page creation process, allowing you to sign up for the service and configure your personal page in just a few steps. In other words, it will save you the time you would otherwise spend adding links and completing your page manually.

What the Personal Informer client does is scan your system to collect specific information such as bookmarks and sites you've marked as favorites in Firefox and Internet Explorer, RSS feeds, news feeds, etc., and will use this data to create your start page. After the scan, the PI client will show you the information collected, giving you the chance of correcting or adding data it may have missed out. Once done, the Personal Informer client will be ready to generate your personal start page.

The next time you start your browser, your Personal Informer page will be there to show you all the information of your interest in a neat and organized manner. Your page will include three search engines, weather forecasts for your location, handy panels with the date and time, news feeds, stocks and currency exchange rates, and of course, quick access to all the sites you follow and visit on the web regularly.

As it is a relatively new service, it still lacks some advanced features, for example, the ability to add gadgets and customize the look and feel of the page. I would also like to be able to drag and drop the information panels (weather, stocks, etc.), around the page and place them where I want (just some ideas I'm throwing out there). Still, Personal Informer is off to a good and promising start.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Very easy to use
  • Needs to be run only once
  • Simplifies the page creation process, saving you a lot of time


  • Detects bookmarks and favorites from Firefox and Internet Explorer only
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